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Booking Conditions


I, a client of Land Sky See, agree to the following Booking Conditions upon payment:


A receipt will be emailed to me. This receipt will include an e-ticket, record locator, and itinerary. Upon receiving this receipt, the contract is now between myself (the client) and the airline. Communication regarding seat preference, meal preference, baggage requirements and questions, frequent flyer miles, etc. will be handled between myself and the carrier and their policies.


I agree to take whatever steps are necessary to obtain the necessary travel documents (passport, visa, etc.). I also agree that I will not hold Land Sky See responsible in the event I am unable to obtain the necessary documents. Any cancellations necessary because of an inability to obtain necessary travel documents will be handled between myself and the airline.


I understand that I am responsible for checking with my own doctor and/or travel clinic for needed immunizations and that Land Sky See does not assume responsibility in providing medical advice to clients.


I understand that if I wish to cancel my ticket I must contact the airline carrier directly.


I hereby waive any and all claims against Land Sky See and its staff and agents after the ticket has been purchased and e-ticket receipt has been received.


I understand that airline carriers do sometimes partner with other airline carriers and that any partnerships between airline carriers during my trip will be listed on my price quote and e-ticket receipt.


Cancellations, refunds, or changes to my ticket are outside of the control of Land Sky See and will be handled between myself and the airline carrier.

I understand that if I change my ticket prior to my departure, a $335 change fee in addition to any fare increases is my responsibility to pay.

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