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How does it all work?


Step 1:  Complete a flight inquiry.

Step 2:  Check your email for a flight proposal.  

Step 3:  Confirm the deal & book your ticket!  Once you book your ticket, the trip is in your hands.




How early can I book my ticket?

We can search for flights within 330 days out.




Can we guarantee a flight deal?

Flight costs change often. We do send a quote based on what we found that day. However, if you wait too long, that fare might change! We can hold a ticket at no cost with a passport number and expiration date for 24 hours.




How do I pay for my ticket?

In order to respect your privacy, an agent from Land Sky See will call you to take your final payment over the phone. Upon every completed purchase, any personal information we have gathered is shredded.




Does Land Sky See offer any payment plans?
No. Just like you would buy a ticket on an airline carrier website, full payment is due upon booking.




Can I get my frequent flyer miles?

Absolutely! Just let us know your FF# and we can plug it in for you. We’ll let you know it’s all set and then you can confirm with the airline.




What about luggage and meals?

After receiving an e-ticket receipt from Land Sky See, the trip is in your hands. Work with the airline carrier directly to ask them questions about their policies regarding luggage, meals, seat assignments, etc. Have a great trip!




What is a published rate?

Carriers publish rates on their websites and other travel fare websites which you can search for any time. Land Sky See has access to lower, unpublished fares, so we’re glad you’re here!



Will I get to pick my seat?

After paying for your great flight deal, we send you a standard e-ticket receipt (just like an airline carrier would) that includes an e-ticket number, flight itinerary (which we already sent you) and a record locator. Seats, luggage, meals, etc. will then be handled between you and the airline carrier per their policies.




Can I get travel insurance with Land Sky See?

No, Land Sky See does not offer any sort of travel insurance.




What is a Cruise Fare and how do I book it?

If you are headed to Europe on a cruise, we are happy to look at Cruise Fares for your international flight.  Upon booking, we need the vessel name and confirmation number to proceed.  



What if I need to make a change to my ticket?

After booking, if you need to make changes to your ticket, we work with our flight consolidator to make that happen.  There is a change of ticket fee along with any fare increases. 


If you are at the airport and have delays or flight cancellations, work with your airline carrier.     




What’s our finders fee?

The price you see when we send you a flight quote is the price you pay for your ticket through Land Sky See.   Seats, luggage, meals, etc. are between you and the airline carrier per their policies.

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