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24 hours in Lisbon

Updated: May 23, 2020

When we flew into Lisbon, we could see the terra cotta rooftops of a city by the sea and were immediately excited to hit the ground running. We had heard Portugal was a new and upcoming country and wanted to see what all the hype was about.

If you have 24 hours in Lisbon, here are our recommendations for where to eat and what to see.


Rua Castilho, 149

1099-034 Lisboa

When we visited, taxis were on strike. So our mode of transportation was walking and Uber. All of our rides were no longer than 15 minutes.

We cannot sing the praises of this hotel enough. This is a gorgeous, modern, updated, hotel with plush beds and bedding, incredible views, and spacious rooms. I could not get enough of their floral arrangements that welcomed us to their beautiful lobby!


Coffee at Fabrica Coffee Roasters. We loved the eclectic style and open windows, the narrow cobblestone street and the ham and cheese sandwiches.

R. das Portas de Santo Antão 136

1150-269 Lisboa, Portugal

Stroll through the Bairro Alto neighborhood en route to the Comércio Plaza and seaside views and the Ponte 25 de Abril bridge, which looks a lot like the Golden Gate Bridge in San Fran.


Lunch at Timeout Market - a cafeteria style food market with a variety of cuisines. Funny enough, we ate at Ground Burger "Old School American Burgers". Amazing burgers, crispy fries, and cold beers. If you've been walking around Lisbon and you're hungry and hot, this is a good stop!

Av. 24 de Julho 49

1200-479 Lisboa, Portugal

If you're wanting more of a cafe style, across the park from Timeout Market is Cafe Janis. One of our Lisbon favorites.

Uber your way for dessert at Pastéis de Belém, home to Portugal's famous pastel de natas. We actually don't have any photos of them because we ate them so quickly! They are delicious custard desserts, in our opinion best eaten hot from the oven.

After dessert, walk to Belém Tower and enjoy a beach front view of this UNESCO World Heritage site. We didn't take the time to go into the tower, but it's so fun to sit along the sandy beachfront and watch the tide roll in.

Uber your way to Rossio Square - a fun place to people watch and marvel at Portugal's tile work. This is also a great shopping district with both unique shops home to Portugal and chain merchandise.

Praça Dom Pedro IV, Lisbon, Portugal

Carmo Convent - formerly a Catholic convent, this roofless structure is a fun place to wander and grab photos from a perfectly free vantage spot. To enter the convent it's 3,00 €. Inside the building, there are different artifacts, including a mummy.

Largo do Carmo

1200-092 Lisboa, Portugal


Before going to Lisbon, we watched Somebody Feed Phil on Netflix, and were inspired to check out two neighboring eats, thanks to Phil.

Wurst - Salsicharia Austríaca - meet Maria and enjoy Austria's cuisine! The best sausage we've ever had! Super flavorful and paired with a toasted bun with seasonings.

R. Nova da Piedade

1200-297 Lisboa, Portugal

Nannarella - incredible gelato with a vibrant flavor profile true to its intended source!

R. Nova da Piedade 64

1200-263 Lisboa, Portugal

Prado - we recommend this hipster hotspot for drinks and small plates. With four people, we shared about ten small plates and left content. Amazing wine choices, great service, and romantic atmosphere.

Tv. Pedras Negras 2

1100-404 Lisboa, Portugal


If time permits, or you're looking for other fun things to do in Lisbon, check out the LX Factory. This urban marketplace is home to creative artists and a few restaurants.

R. Rodrigues de Faria 103

1300-501 Lisboa, Portugal

We loved every minute in Lisbon and can say that you'll probably want more than 24 hours to enjoy wandering the streets of this beautiful seaside city. But, if that's what you have, then this guide will lead you to some of the best spots!


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