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A trip guide to Zurich, Switzerland & a Lucerne bonus

This is the trip guide we wish we had prior to planning our trip to Switzerland! This past fall, we extended our trip to Europe with a four-day adventure to Zurich, Lucerne, and Interlaken. We'll definitely recap our time in the cozy mountain town of Interlaken, but for now, will share our city takeaways. We recommend 48 hours in Zurich and Lucerne.

Getting Here

We flew into Zurich from Venice on Swiss Air, which by the way, we loved our experience and recommend. The flight was short and the views were incredible. The rays of sunshine, the snow-capped mountains, and the green grass were breathtaking.

From Zurich, Lucerne was about an hour's train ride away. This was a highlight for sure for us.


We stayed at the Renaissance Zurich Tower Hotel. It was close to a public streetcar and train station. The rooms were a bit outdated but clean and spacious.

Eat Here

Hiltl - coined "the oldest vegetarian restaurant in the world" we loved our experience. The atmosphere, the food, the service was all great. We didn't have reservations, but being used to eating on American time, we were able to get in without a problem.

Babu's Bakery - this was such a fun find for a more substantial coffee stop with delicious food and drinks. It's busy but for a reason! We were seated pretty quickly and enjoyed ourselves immensely.

St. Jakob Beck & Kafi Munsterhof - J.J. had his favorite pastry of our trip - a cute bakery in the middle of a Zurich square.

Lilly Jo - close to our hotel - a great option for breakfast with exceptional service.

Coop (Zurich and Lucerene) - this is a supermarket, department store, home goods, all in one. We found ourselves here a lot - for a juice or a snack, or a quick lunch.

Tacuba Kaffeerosterei (Lucerene)- a @girlinzug find and a delicious coffee and treat in the middle of a Lucerne neighborhood.

Fed (Lucerne) - hands down one of our most delicious meals in Switzerland. A recommendation from @girlinzug - it was a winner. The menu is simple and changes from lunch to dinner.

What to See

Old Town - this is a great place to do a walking tour of the city. You'll stroll through cozy shop fronts, great places to have a drink and beautiful buildings. It's also fun to walk by the Limmat River and take in the scenes of the city.

Lindenhof - this is a great place for a view of Old Town Zurich including the famous Grossmunster. It's a lovely place to sit and watch the world go by.

Lion Monument (Lucerne) - this was a surprisingly great little spot tucked in the middle of Lucerene.

The lion is much larger in life and the fact that it was carved into this rock in the 1800s to honor the Swiss Guard who died while guarding King Louis XVI, France is extra amazing.

Chapel Bridge (Lucerne) - you can't miss this beautiful wooden bridge as it connects the city with its beautiful storytelling paintings under the covering of the bridge.

Zurich and Lucerne are walkable pieces of art - don't miss this on your Switzerland adventure.



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