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Café Habana

Café Habana - New York City. Hands down, one of our favorite restaurants ever. A couple years ago, our friends who were NYC locals put together a foodie list for hungry tourists visiting the city. Cafe Habana was on the list. As you can probably guess, the food is Cuban - Mexican, with a large but not overwhelming menu. We fell in love. Why? The food is amazing, the staff friendly, but not intrusive, it has a hole-in-the-wall kind of atmosphere, and it's cozied in a hip and trendy neighborhood with boutiques, bookstores, and coffeeshops. Plus, those friends who told us about this in the first place, saw the cast of Gossip Girl here. Boom!

You'll definitely want to try their Grilled Corn Mexican Style. You'll never want to eat corn on cob with plain old butter any longer. Enjoy a Pacifico on the side and take in the sounds of Little Havana.

The closest metro options are below:

Option A - take the Orange F to 2 Ave.

Option B - take the Green 6 to Spring Street.

Option C - take the Yellow R, W to Prince Street.

Cafe Habana

17 Prince Street

New York, NY

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30 Μαΐ 2018

I desperately need to get my hands on this corn very soon! Looks delish. Thanks for sharing!!

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