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Five tips to booking a great flight deal!

Updated: May 21, 2020

One of my favorite things about finding a great flight deal, is being able to send an itinerary to a prospective traveler that not only saves money, but their time as well. Perhaps an itinerary has one less layover or an economy class perk like free luggage and the ability to preassign your seat before departure. Either way, it's fun to surprise our travelers with a major discount on their wallet or the clock.

The heart behind Land Sky See is to use our connections in the airline world to help travelers land in Europe with a little, or a lot, more in their pocket than they expected.

So, what are some tips on finding those great deals? Here are a few things we tend to find helpful when looking for a flight deal for you.

1) Have specific dates with flexibility +-5 days on the departure and arrival.

2) Have a European destination in mind! We often get flight requests without a destination city filled in. For us to even start looking for a flight, we have to input a departure city, destination city, and specific dates. So, it's really important to know where you want to explore! We are also happy to check on multi-destination tickets which can save money or be equivalent to a round trip price.

3) Be ready to book! Another question we often are asked is if prices will drop. More often than not, travelers will decide to wait to book, and prices on flights will either go up or be unavailable.

4) Do you have a couple of departure city options? Let us know! It's actually pretty surprising when we find better deals out of "non primary airports". For example, we recently found flights from Sarasota (SRQ) to Paris for the same price, same amount of layovers, same airline carrier as Tampa (TPA) to Paris on the same dates.

5) Never hesitate to ask us to check on flights! Truly, it's our pleasure to check on flight deals for you! It doesn't take us long to to see if we can snag any deals based on the information above. If we can't find a deal, we will still contact you to let you know.

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Kaitlyn Simmons
06 feb 2020

If you have stumbled across Land Sky See (through an internet search or maybe a referral from a friend or travel agent) consider yourself VERY lucky! Soo was able to find affordable flights for my husband and I for our Italian adventure later this year. She made the entire booking process so easy and seamless. She saved us money (and my sanity) by using her expert skills, and she answered my every. single. question. Have no hesitation on using Land Sky See for any of your European adventure needs!

Me gusta
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