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Kirby Cove Swing - San Francisco

The Kirby Cove Swing is one of those things you save on Pinterest and think to yourself, "Man, wouldn't it be cool to actually find that!" Click, save, store for someday. When my best friend from college and I met up in San Francisco, we were bound and determined to find this iconic mystery swing across The Golden Gate Bridge and move our someday to tried it!

To get there, we took an Uber to the Golden Gate Bridge Vista Point which is off Conzelman Road. I would budget around $15-$20 to get here depending on where you get picked up. We then followed a dirt path along Kirby Cove Road that boasted stunning views of Kirby Cove, the Golden Gate Bridge, and the glittering water. It was an easy one mile, down hill hike.

Following Kirby Cove Road leads you to Kirby Cove Campground, which we walked through to get to the water. We kept our sights on the bridge, made our way toward it, and ran into the swing. It really proves our keen Nancy Drew instincts!

We ran into a few other hikers and searchers of the swing, but overall, it was a pretty quiet hike with birds chirping and waves crashing.

I would highly suggest to put this must see Pinterest find on your San Francisco bucket list.

Easy hike. Gorgeous views. Picnic lunch. Out of the ordinary afternoon outside of the city.


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