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Riverside Park - Manhattan

Riverside Park - this beautiful green space sits parallel to the Hudson River and spans from W 72nd to W 129th. It's quiet, hilly, and the perfect way to take a break from the Manhattan noise. Whether you're walking, running, scootering, or riding bike, the wide paths allow for all sorts of activities. But from my experience, you'll only have to share with a few locals and the birds. The further north you get, the more you'll feel like you're a regular old West Sider. The further south you get, the more people you'll run into.

The gardens are beautiful with vibrant colors that host a symphony of blooming flowers.

I seriously could not wait to see what was behind each bend. From Riverside Park's version of "The Mall" to soccer fields and a small New York City beach overlooking the Hudson River saying, "Hellooooooo New Jersey!"

I like to think of Riverside Park as Central Park's little sister. It's perfectly charming in its on way, making a mark on anyone who wants a break from the city sights and sounds.


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