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The John F. Kennedy Center of Performing Arts - Washington, D.C.

The John F. Kennedy Center of Performing Arts sits along the Potomac River which separates Virginia from Washington, D.C. This gorgeous building honors our 35th President by showcasing the arts, something President Kennedy loved. The Italian walls, similar marble that was used to carve the statue David, create a sleek and simple exterior. Inside it's expansive foyer are crystal chandeliers gifted from Sweden and a bubble gum bust of the former President himself. And if you're lucky, there might be a free concert going on in the foyer.

Fun fact, the foyer is also long enough to lay the Washington Monument down on its side and still have room to spare.

But in my opinion, the real showstopper is the view from the Roof Terrace, especially on a summer evening. 365 degree sweeping views of the sights and sounds of D.C. To get to the view, simply enter through the main doors and take the elevator to the Roof Terrace. And did I mention, it's free!

Standing on the terrace not only gives you some pretty perfect views, but it's so quiet!

I love the Potomac at sunset. The sky is painted and the water reflects those balmy D.C. summer nights.

If I were you, I'd take your favorite person, or maybe just yourself, to the serene Roof Terrace and take in the views. It's worth your time!


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