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Visit Belgium - Part Two

Bruges, Belgium was our favorite Belgian city we visited. Its fairytale-like buildings and walkable streets made for a perfect day trip from Ghent.

A year prior, my friend Jenna had traveled to Belgium and gave us some of her favorite recommendations. She had spot-on places to tuck in for a cozy coffee and light lunch - a perfect way to spend an afternoon in Bruges.

To get to Bruges from Ghent-

Use the Gent-Saint-Pieters and use the electronic kiosk to buy your ticket to Bruges. Trains depart multiple times throughout the day and are an easy 25 - 30 minute ride.

From the train station, it's about a 15-20 minute stroll into the city center past charming little homes and cobblestone streets.

What we saw / did -

Historic Centre of Bruges - this UNESCO world heritage site hosts a busy market with flowers and food. Enjoy an outdoor cafe as you people watch.

Church of our Lady - home to Michelangelo's "Madonna and Child" sculpture. We bought our tickets prior to entering the church in an adjacent building. Bathrooms are also close by - but make sure you have some euros to spare!

Wander! You can get lost in this city without actually getting lost. A lot of our time spent in Bruges was wandering in and out of shops, stopping for a Belgian beer, and taking pics of all the beautiful buildings.

Where to Eat -

Blackbird - We didn't have reservations, but would recommend getting them as we got lucky to get in at an off-hour. We came for a coffee and banana bread and enjoyed the interior decor almost as much as the food!

The Gulliver Tree - amazing fresh food, delicious coffee, and an inviting atmosphere! You'll love it here. We did not have reservations. It almost felt as though we were in someone's home and they were whipping us up a homemade meal.

Go to Bruges, shop all the boutiques, enjoy all the coffees and beer, take in the canal views, sit and stroll and sit again.


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