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Windsor Castle Highlights

Windsor Castle - not only is it the site of the upcoming wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, but an easy, short trip outside of bustling London. It's a charming little village as most places in England turn out to be with pastel colored shops and zig-zagged painted street lines. Visiting one of Her Majesty's royal residences does come with quite a few interested tourists, but nevertheless, it was worth our time!

To get to the castle, you'll arrive at Windsor + Eton Central Station, walk through shops and cafes until you literally run into the castle grounds. It's a castle, so you can't quite miss it. When we were there, we saw a very long line of tourists that wrapped around the castle walls. As it turns out, that daunting line was for group tours. As individuals, you can walk straight to the ticket office and buy your tickets for €21.20 each.

The tour is self guided and gives you a chance to roam the castle at your own pace.

St. George's Chapel is beautiful and ornate which is also the area where you can see Changing the Guard. The State Apartments are intricately decorated with robust colors and history! Swing by to see Queen Mary's Dolls' House and enjoy the grandeur of castle living.

The castle grounds also boasts the Long Walk. It's a walking path that connects Windsor Castle to King George III statue. Everything is so pristine and well manicured. Vibrant green grass and trees gives you a true breath of fresh air.

Before you leave, check out the streets of Windsor, specifically Peascod Street. You can get a great view of the castle in the midst of modern day stores and Starbucks. But hey, at least you'll have wifi and bathrooms.

Wonderful Windsor - what an easy, perfect day trip outside of London!


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