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Our New York City Favorites

Updated: May 18, 2020

For the last ten years, J.J. and I have been carefully curating our favorite things to do and eat in New York City. We love this city and have had the opportunity to visit more times than we can remember. We are hands down spoiled rotten!

Before travel blogs and Pinterest exploded, we didn't have a great direction on places to eat and things to see. A lot of times, we'd stumble upon something cool and judged a restaurant by if there were a lot of people waiting in line and if the exterior looked hip. Now, thanks to blogs and social media, we actually plan our day by where we want to eat, sipping and snacking our way through New York City.

The following are places we keep going back to because they're worth every bite.

Our Favorite Eats and Treats

Jack's Wife Freda - three locations with incredible flavor-filled options. We've always had amazing service and love the ambience of this classy space. We feel like we're eating the rainbow at Jack's Wife Freda because everything is so colorful and fresh!

Little Collins - we found this cozy little spot in Midtown from The Traveling Newlyweds! Seating is limited. Quick bites and tasty coffee!

The Hummus Place - walk down basement restaurant on the Upper West Side that is probably one of our new favorites. Everything is so fresh and light. If you're looking for authentic, delicious Middle Eastern cuisine, please go here and thank us later!

Blue Bottle Coffee - multiple locations around the city and consistently great coffee! We love the location on W 73rd and Amsterdam on the UWS. Amazing people watching and just a skip away from Central Park.

Cha Cha Matcha - if you like matcha tea, go for it! We preferred the cold matcha vs. hot.

The Butcher's Daughter - in all honesty, we weren't big fans of the food, but would go back for their coffee! We love the cozy coffee shop next to the full restaurant on Kenmare Street.

Levain Bakery - after hearing about this little gem from our New Yorker friends, we knew we had to try it out. It's been a favorite of ours for the last five years and counting. Simply divine fresh baked cookies that we went back to three times in one trip. Our favorite thing to do is get a cookie and coffee and wander the UWS.

Milkbar - big Christina Tosi fans over here! We loved her spotlight on Chef's Table and had to check out her dessert bar called Milk Bar! Tiny little shops around Manhattan with yummy cookies, cakes, and soft serve!

Chelsea Market - this spot off the Chelsea Highline has become mega popular, but for great reason. Lots of options for food and unique shopping finds and great bathrooms located downstairs. Some of our favs are:

Momofuku - our mouths are watering just thinking of the light pillowy pork buns and spicy ramen. This is a must if you are a noodle fan. We've only been to their East Village location, but check out their website for their other locations.

Maison Pickle - we love this Upper West Side favorite for the incredible flavors of "classic American favorites" and refreshing drinks. Think ooey gooey mac and cheese with a crispy cheesy top and french dip sandwiches with the perfect au jus. Their decor is spot on and the service is excellent.

ABC Kitchen - this is one of our new favorites! Attached to the ABC Home store is their incredible fare of fresh ingredients and delightful flavors. Gorgeous atmosphere, delicious wines, and an easy, but varied menu. We loved our service and even were treated to a complimentary dessert! We will definitely be going back!

One of our dear friends lived in Manhattan for years and is a world traveler. Without a doubt, NYC is his favorite place to eat....ever. So, where else should we be going? Please do share!

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