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Starbucks Coffee Farm in Costa Rica

Hacienda Alsacia is home to Starbucks coolest coffee endeavor yet: a coffee farm in the foothills of the Poás Volcano an hour from San Jose, Costa Rica. The most incredible thing about this farm is surprisingly not their rich cups of local coffee, but the mission to:

We recently spent a wonderfully relaxing week at the Casa Cielo Grande which is 6 km from Hacienda Alsacia. As you can imagine, we were highly caffeinated the entire trip. Tours of the coffee farm are available and pricing can be found here. If you don't have time for the tour, you can still enjoy a cup of coffee and the views Costa Rica is famous for.

From drip coffees to lattes, each cup is brewed to perfection. The coffee has a purity to it with a smooth finish that you can enjoy in this spectacular oasis.

So, pack your bags, catch a flight, and make your way to the world's best Starbucks.


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