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The North Loop - Minneapolis, MN

The North Loop in Minneapolis happens to be a new hipster hot spot in the Minnesota metro area. Although I grew up in Minnesota, and met J.J. while attending college in the Twin Cities, finding fun, trendy coffee shops and eateries in cool areas of Minneapolis - St. Paul wasn't exactly something a poor college student without a car did much. So, whenever we're back to visit, we try and live vicariously through our college selves and try something new!

Last week, we were in Minnesota to visit family and attend a work event for J.J. While he was at the office, my sis-in-law, B, our dear friend, Jessica and I explored The North Loop in Minneapolis -thanks to a great recommendation from my Minnesotan friend. It was a perfect place to stroll with friends, grab something to eat, and pop into fun shops along the way.

Here's what we did -

200 North First Street

Minneapolis, MN

We sat on their patio for a couple of hours sipping cappuccinos and peppermint tea, eating scones, croissants and gluten free cookies. It was easy to let the time pass by in this alley way garden. After an hour, lunch was served with tomato soup, a cabbage salad, and lamb sandwich with radish and greens. Our glasses of dry sparkling wine really made it a pretty perfect summer day. Everything we ate and drank was delicious.

219 2nd St. N, Suite 106 Minneapolis, MN

We absolutely adored this store of beauty and lifestyle goods. The store employees are so friendly, helpful and let us try on all the lipsticks until we found just the right everyday look which turned out to be Henné Organics "Intrigue". Both Jessica and I bought this and love it. Thanks to Rachel, our new friend at Russell + Hazel employee for putting up with us as we found the right color.

219 N 2nd Street #102

Minneapolis, MN

What an amazingly cute store. So many unique and sweet baby clothes, toys, and accessories. Also, it's right next door to Russell + Hazel.

113 N Washington Ave

Minneapolis, MN

222 Hennepin Ave

Minneapolis, MN

Walking around this area definitely made us want to go back. It was easy to find, semi-easy to park, and very walkable. Be sure to check The [trendy, cool, hip] North Loop out next time you're in Minneapolis!


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