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Bike the Brooklyn Bridge

Using Citi Bikes is one of the easiest, most fun ways to see New York City as a tourist without looking too much like a tourist. And if this is your first time to the city, what a great way to check the iconic Brooklyn Bridge off your list!

Near the entrance to the bridge, you'll see the Centre Street & Chambers Street station to pick up your blue bike. The easy to follow instructions will have you on wheels in minutes, but here's a quick breakdown of the cost.

$12 = day pass that allows you to ride their bikes in 30 minute intervals.
$4 extra = for every 15 minutes over the allotted 30.

And yes, you can continue to rent a bike from the Citi kiosks anytime within your 24 hour rental agreement!

After you bike the bridge, I would suggest heading toward Brooklyn Bridge Park for a pretty amazing view of Lower Manhattan. There's actually a kiosk called Brooklyn Bridge Park - Pier 2 where you can say goodbye to your rental.

As you walk along the pier toward the Brooklyn Bridge, you'll stumble upon Old Fulton Street. I love this little spot mostly because it's home to Juliana's Pizza. There's usually a wait, but the thin, crispy crust of their white pizza is worth every bite. And while you're at it, don't skip the honey and dijon dressing over spicy arugula and veggies. Yummmmm.

There's obviously so much more to this borough called Brooklyn, but this teeny bite is so worth your time!


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