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Trip Shoes for Women

Updated: Apr 4, 2018

Trip shoes - for better or worse, what you wear on your feet can definitely make or break a vacation. I've tried everything: Converse in D.C., Toms in Seoul, flats in Paris, sneakers in London, heels for a night out in NYC. After miles of poor footwear, Band-Aids that fall off, and carrying athletic tape in my backpack, I decided to figure out what really is the best trip shoe. Here is what works for me!

1) New Balance lifestyle sneakers. J.J. and I have walked the world in New Balance shoes. We love them. They're stylish and comfy and no longer the clunky velcro shoes you've seen on people in their 80's. Check out for amazing discounts!

2) Toms Majorca Peep Toe Booties. These are so comfy and easy to wear for walking around the city!

3) Reefs. I love having a pair of these in my bag when touring for a long day and switch them up with my sneakers. They have more support than a regular flip flop, and for me, haven't caused blisters.

4) Frye Melanie Slip On. This brand is total quality. I love all the fun colors and 100% leather.

5) Sperry insulated waterproof boots. Having wet feet just stinks. There are so many waterproof boots, but I've found them to be cold and uncomfortable. These Sperry Top-Sider Flex Deck boots were perfect for rainy London and kept my feet warm and dry. Sidenote, break them in before walking long distances.


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Mike Henry
Mike Henry
Feb 13, 2021

Lil Peep was not only a singer, song writer but was also a! He was passionate about fashion and would regularly attend to fashion industry shoes like Balmain, Fendi and so on. Though he mainly paid attention to his music career, rather than modelling. Lil Peep was known for his trendsetting pop emo style fashion sense.


May 30, 2018

Love this practical shoe advice!! Can't wait to tromp around my next city in one of these pairs. Thank you Soo!

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